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eBay Mk1

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eBay Mk1


Keith Bennett

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Re: eBay Mk1

Post06 Aug 2018 07:10

"Oskar" (for it is he) was owned by an elderly Club member who sadly suffered a stroke a little while ago. His letter will appear in our September magazine. The seller's rather stretching a point by claiming it may be the earliest Mk 1 on the road (mine was built 14th October 1958 and is still my daily driver...)

Still, I know that Oskar's previous owner did indeed treat him to a total rebuild, although when speaking to him on the phone I did try to dissuade him from putting on a non-standard Mk 1 colour during the rebuild. He was hoping to recreate Ann Moss and Anne Wisdom's 1959 Monte Carlo route but unfortunately his health deteriorated before he could live the dream.

dave the rave

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Re: eBay Mk1

Post06 Aug 2018 13:00

I thought Maroon wasn't standard on Mk1s. Never thought to check either..........then again i rarely think.....'urts too much ! :mrgreen:

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