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Has anyone tried fitting a twincam Fiat 1608?

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Has anyone tried fitting a twincam Fiat 1608?

Post13 Jun 2018 00:16

Ok, so a friend has just thrown a spanner in my works. I've planed my build, mild street 1275 ( possibly supercharged ) But I have now been offered a complete cheap Fiat 125 with the 1608 twin cam and twin Webers. I've had a couple of sleepless nights, but think it would be worth it and look the part; Italian Designed car with an twin cam Italian motor, good cheap easy horsepower. Has anyone tried, or done this before? I haven't run a tape measure over anything yet, but the 1608 looks pretty compact, I can't see any major problems, so long as the engine mounts are close enough, and no doubt chopping the tunnel and grafting the fiat tunnel in. Id probably use the fiat rear end and narrow it, as it has disc brakes, and try using the fiat front discs and calipers, yet retain the Farina hubs, which might prove the biggest hurdle, metric vs imperial bearing etc. I've gone through the certification process here in NZ before, so that side of things is not too daunting.

Keith Bennett

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Re: Has anyone tried fitting a twincam Fiat 1608?

Post13 Jun 2018 10:46

Dear God, that would be one quick A40, Paul, and discs would certainly be advisable. If you succeed, just remember the old Irish advice, "Never drive quicker than your guardian angel can fly!" Good luck with the conversion.
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Re: Has anyone tried fitting a twincam Fiat 1608?

Post14 Jun 2018 08:33

paul mate, yes a member of my local a30/35 group run an a40 with a fiat 2.0 twin cam and gear box he uses a ford rear end from a anglia 105e with midget front brakes as these are a easy swop, and he also has a morris minor with a fiat twin cam, all the go back in the day !!. early race cars were using a series engines and i think mid 60s lotus twin cams were being used i know of a few mk1s that run lotus twin cams, so in answer to your question YES it can be and as been done ive seen them fitted and their a reasonable amount of room left to service and work on them ;)
nearly forgot if you go ahead with this conversion please up load pictures that would be most grateful :)
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Re: Has anyone tried fitting a twincam Fiat 1608?

Post14 Jun 2018 10:42

There was one was for sale on E-bay a few years ago with a 131 2000cc twin cam. There was a post about it from Mike but the pictures have now been removed from listing.

One in a A30/5
A35 Fiat.JPG

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Re: Has anyone tried fitting a twincam Fiat 1608?

Post15 Jun 2018 15:35

Interesting prospect. Not something i'd do, as i swear by the A Series, and there's plenty of serious tuning mods for them, expensive mind. Ask me how i know........
For front discs it HAS to be Midget mods required at all. Any other back axle would just need the spring mounts from the A40 one swapped over. And the width attending to. Good weldy weldy job required of course. There is the option of 1" larger drums for the rear, from a Riley 1.5/Wolseley 1500.......these are a direct bolt on, and the weaker half shafts are available in uprated form for the A40. Then enables the original wheels to be kept, and become a sheep in wolfs wotsits.

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