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Another Club picnic

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Keith Bennett

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Another Club picnic

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Situated mid-way between Mildenhall in the north and Newmarket to the south, Club member Trevor Parfitt had based his racing and rally preparation company ScottRace ( and it was to these premises that Club members were invited for his second picnic. It had been scheduled for earlier in the year but 'Scotty' (as he's called) and his team were just too busy attending national and international events to fit us in. By the end of September, though, the pace of life had eased enough for him and wife Sue to contemplate a gathering of souls.
four A40s.jpg
Three Mk2s and a Mk1 (the red 'un) parked in front of Scotty's workshops. What you can't see are the CCTV cameras and anti-ram security posts around the place!

Thus it was that Saturday 29th September saw some 16 members turn up (Four A40s made the journey, the other members in modern machinery) in sunny weather but rather cooled by the almost perpetual east wind which usually blows across that flat and exposed part of Suffolk and Norfolk. (I remember my first visit to a seaside town there and wondered why, on a lovely warm summer's day, all the deckchairs were placed with their backs to the sea. Simples; the sun's strongest when in the south and west, while the chairs afford protection from that breeze.)
picnic table 1.jpg
Three shots of our picnic feast supplied gratis by Sue and Scotty: this meant that we all had to take our prepared picnics back home again!

picnic table 2.jpg

picnic table 3.jpg

Being rather late in the year, Scotty & Sue decided to receive us in their secure workshop where a large table full of grub awaited us. So surreal, scoffing homely food whilst being surrounded by some dozen eye-wateringly expensive - not to mention rare - cars. For us though, the star just had to be Scotty's very own racing Mk 1 A40 (he's owned it since the 1960s) which is coming to the end of a comprehensive rebuild and is now 'just' being perfectly fettled ready to do battle with the crowd next year. We're assured the little grey machine will be giving the established drivers quite a few surprises!
scotty with UCE.jpg
Scotty explains some of the A40's secrets - but not all of them by any means!

Rolls again.jpg
This privately-owned 1926 very rare Rolls Royce is regularly rallied in such arduous events as the Peking-Paris and other testing races. She always comes back to Scotty for repairs/enhancements etc.

Scotty explains.jpg
This amazing machine is raced by a chap whose total movements are confined entirely to his fingers. Scotty and his talented team have fitted this car with controls which are all positioned only on the steering wheel, including throttle, clutch, brakes, gear changes etc. A work of art and very moving to see how much time he and the team have devoted to letting the unfortunate owner gain huge enjoyment out of high-speed racing. Kudos.

My wife Bar's and my journey there from our home in north Oxfordshire and back took three hours each way but I was pleased to compute that my standard Mk 1 had returned an average of 45 mpg; however, the homeward journey directly into the face of the setting sun blazing from a cloudless sky was very tiring; the road signs were all in deep silhouette and really didn't help. No wonder we got lost somewhere around Bedford...

Chairman Ed

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Re: Another Club picnic

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Sorry that I was unable to attend.

Thank you Trevor for making the club welcome and sharing your extensive knowledge.


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Re: Another Club picnic

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You and your good lady were missed Ed, as was Stoney. Everyone seemed to have a good time, so a repeat will be on the cards for next year.

Chairman Ed

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Re: Another Club picnic

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Thanks Trevor. Fingers crossed for next year.

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