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Build threads

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Re: Build threads

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there isnt, mate, you can find some on the members side called, what ive done to my a40, mechanical, body work tabs, hope this helps :)
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Keith Bennett

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Re: Build threads

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Stoney's right, Rourke, in saying there are some threads on the members' side of this site. Many of them deal with the unexpected snags that sometimes crop up, while some others detail bigger issues - and with membership being just £17.50 (we can accept subs via credit card or bank transfer) it may be a good idea to join the Club?

But you don't need to worry about not being helped here on the public side of the site. We will always freely help any A40 Farina owner with problems they may encounter. Pretty much the only difference between membership and non-membership is simply that if any spares are needed to fix an enquiry, the Club spares service will always do a better job at supplying top-quality guaranteed items and try to source rare items (for example, our growing list of repair panels available to Club members is well established and growing all the time, while items like the correct rubber seals for the windscreens and rear apertures are only available via the Club).

But as I wrote earlier, help and advice will always be freely available to any A40 Farina owner whatever their circumstances, so go ahead and enjoy your car, like the rest of us do with ours!

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