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thinking of buying an a40

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John Banks

thinking of buying an a40

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Hello everybody I am thinking of buying an A40 I live in Lancashire and wonder if any members live in the same area. My first car was a 1959 mk1 A40 I was 19 and have mixed memories of the car it had sixty odd thousand miles on the clock and was well worn. I remember a leak that filled up the front passenger foot well with rainwater, I never found the source but did eliminate the windscreen . The car bounced a lot even though it had a fresh mot, I remember it was quite nippy and started ok , I also replaced a leaking petrol tank with good second hand one . looking forward for any advice on buying an A40 . kind regards John

dave the rave

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Re: thinking of buying an a40

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Hi John. Are you looking for a near immaculate car, or one that needs work ? Either way, i think you'll find ebay is the best option. They do come on there of both dispositions.
Club membership is a must though. Our spares service is second to NONE ! Panels and rubber items have been re-manufactured at some cost, which is why it's a "club service" only. Then again, our membership fee must be the cheapest of all the classic car clubs, ( excepting "on-line" only clubs ).

Chairman Ed

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Re: thinking of buying an a40

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Hi John.

Thanks for sharing your fond memories of your first A40 Farina.

I echo the comments Dave has made in his posting.

Hope you find a suitable vehicle.

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