Dixon of Dock Green's A40

From public magazines, not Farina News.
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Keith Bennett
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Dixon of Dock Green's A40

Post by Keith Bennett » 21 Dec 2019 12:08

John Brooks (m/n 712) spotted this press-cutting in The Gloucestershire Echo dated Weds, 23rd January, 1991
(published by the Cheltenham Newspaper Co. Ltd. to whom we gave acknowledgment when reproducing
it in FN 45, p. 19 in June 1991).

The Club ’phoned the garage and spoke to Don Bowell about the car. Apparently it wasn’t local to Cheltenham, but
came Don’s way via an auction, where it was claimed to be the personal mount of that marvellous actor, the late Jack Warner.
Subsequent enquiry by Don showed that indeed not only was it owned by “Doxon of Dick Green” but that the mileage was correct,
the registration number was original and the vehicle only ever had the one owner.

The information was supplied by Mr. Warner’s widow, who along with Don, hoped that the car would go to an enthusiast’s home.
The newspaper put the price at £4000 and as Don held a ticket clearly marked at £3995, he was obviously open to vigorous haggling!
He kept the car in his showroom “until the right person comes along”.The price wasn’t the only thing the newspaper got wrong –
the address of Royal Well Motors was 437–439 High Street, Cheltenham, Glos.
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I wonder where it is now?

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Re: Dixon of Dock Green's A40

Post by Rick » 27 Jun 2022 13:59

That registration is now sadly on a 2008 Mercedes Keith.
I wonder if it's possible to find who the new keeper is through the club?

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Re: Dixon of Dock Green's A40

Post by exlkrs » 29 Jun 2022 09:19

Interesting story. I recall reading another similar about an Austin Mini Traveller that was his also! Maybe he traded the A40 for that!

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