Two Mk1s for sale (saloon and countryman)

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Keith Bennett
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Two Mk1s for sale (saloon and countryman)

Post by Keith Bennett » 27 Sep 2023 10:23

Posted on behalf of Club member Mark Cunningham in Gloucester, m/n 4394

I bought the two cars quite recently to restore but due to a family illness it won't be possible. Hope to buy one in better condition when life goes back to normal!

Two early A40s. The 1959 blue (re-registered) saloon has a slightly incomplete but well detailed engine bay with SU carb but has a lot of holes in floor, doors and wings. The green (original reg) countryman is quite tidy bodily and was running recently and includes new front and rear window seals from Club.

Price is £1500 for blue car; £2000 for green car; £2750 for the pair (a lot less than I paid and offered only to Club members initially as they both deserve some love!).

Contact details: Tel: 07435561333

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