The A40 Farina Club was founded by Cynthia Hiller in the autumn of 1979 to assist owners of the models to keep their cars on the road, although the Club also warmly welcomes non-owners as well.

We have nearly 370 members (mainly in the UK, but others are scattered around the world).

Annual subscription is only £17.50. There is a one-off fee of £10, ( that goes towards funding our spares service ) and for re-joining/lapsed members.

Technical advice is always available, spares are advertised in the quarterly magazine Farina News and our spares co-ordinator helps Club members source parts and panels while our car sales co-ordinator acts as intermediary between those selling an A40 and those wishing to buy one. New repair panels and sills are currently being produced.

Although there are quite a few concours vehicles and some specially prepared, very quick racing/rallying cars, the majority are "everyday cars" and indeed any A40 in any condition is always warmly welcomed into the Club.

We organize informal gatherings during the year :-

The Wessex Group, @ Chilworth near Southampton, in spring and autumn.....contact :-

                   Steve :- 07902 466 748.

An Eastern Group is in its early stages of formation.....contact Paul on :-


             01638 713359......07453 402 442

There is a South West Group, contact Barbara :-


We are looking to start a Midlands Group in the near future.

Our Annual General Meeting is in late summer. Venue alternates, usually between Swindon Railway Museum and the Midland Railway Centre, Derbyshire.

We are also now looking into holding it at a central Midlands venue.


                      SPARES SERVICE

                     ( as of Feb 2018 )

The club spares project has now been running for seven years and has proved to be very popular with our members. Over the years, and with their enthusiastic support, we have now sourced and manufactured an extensive amount of stock. We are now probably the largest supplier of A40 Farina parts ( in the world !! ) and, with virtually no overheads, are usually the least expensive. We also supply reconditioned parts, (on an exchange basis), and are constantly researching additional spares re-manufacturing projects. We send to both the UK and overseas destinations almost daily.

Although we only sell to members, the club’s low annual subscriptions make joining a worthwhile investment. It is no coincidence that club membership has increased steadily during recent years. Parts and initial joining fees can be paid for by credit/debit card.

We hold such a large selection of parts that it’s impossible to list all here but below is a list of our more popular items:



Joining the A40 Farina Club

   Membership application form (pdf download)

Please return the completed application form to the membership secretary whose name appears on the form along with your cheque or details of electronic payment made.

Please put your address on the back of a cheque as a safety check.

If you do not have access to a printer, please contact the Membership Secretary who will post one out to you :- membership@a40farinaclub.co.uk

 If you have more than one A40, please use the Additional Vehicles Form for all extra cars.


              A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE a40

 Read about the A40 Farina development between the years 1955-58 at Longbridge in our brief history.


a40 farina


                     BODYWORK etc. cont.

In 2016 we expanded our range of parts re-manufactured to include body repair sections. Those now stocked include:

Mark 1 outer sills which have been pressed to OE specification - BLA1676

Front valances - BLA1596

Front wing lower rear sections.

Mk 1 & 2 Rear wing repair sections covering the front and repair lower areas and the wheel arch.

"Inboard" below rear light cluster repair fillets.

Mark 1 and 2 Grille support channels. BLA1572 and BLA1994

Mark 1 and 2 Rear valances. The Mark 2 includes the cross member. BLA1600 and BLA1988

Replacement rear view mirror glasses.

Saloon boot lid skins.

(A batch of boot lid inner frames are due to be pressed in June 2018)

We are currently costing production of pressed and assembled Mark 1 and Mark 2 front wings.

Although stocks vary considerably as of 02/18 we also hold a selection of New Old Stock (NOS) body parts including front aprons and front bulkheads, Mark 2 sills, a Mark 1 bonnet plus some rear wings and quarters and some bumpers.

We also have an offsite store containing second hand doors, Mark 2 bonnets and other large items.


                       RUBBER SEALS

We have had a number of rubber seals and other items re-manufactured for stock. These include:

  • Saloon and Countryman rear screen seals - 14A5623 an - 14A7218
  • Rubber plugs for jacking point - 14A5571
  • Front quarter light rubber seals assembled from multipart rubbers sections and mouldings.
  • Rear opening side window seals made to the correct original cross-section.
  • Saloon boot lid seals made to the correct original cross-section. Countryman solutions also available.
  • Mark 2 headlight rubber gaskets produced - 13H516. Mark 1 also available - 2A9115
  • Door rubber seals (bought in bulk quantities).
  • Cylinder repair seals and brake hoses (bought in bulk quantities).