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Mike Hodgson
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Just a thought

Post by Mike Hodgson » 12 Apr 2020 14:22

My movements are restricted to essential shopping etc. etc. and I am told not to venture out on non essential journeys.I agree with it all but get annoyed watching BBC news when they send reporters with crew to stand outside number10 and other locations and repeat almost word for word what the newsreader has just told us. The same for local news reporters going to empty beaches etc telling us how deserted everything is then have the nerve to tell us to stay at home and not make non essential journeys.

Keith Bennett
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Re: Just a thought

Post by Keith Bennett » 12 Apr 2020 20:14

I absolutely agree, Mike. But in these extraordinary times the press (known as the Fourth Estate) are seemingly performing a vital task in keeping us in touch with how our political masters are guiding us through the crisis. Thus the press pretty much have carte blanche over where they can go - if the police try curtailing them, they just cry "restriction of press liberty" (which, in a democracy like ours would be unthinkable).

If anyone should be curtailed, it's the "talking heads", the newsreaders who are simply reading from crib sheets written in the news room from the reports sent in by the roving journalists! Truly, we do live in extraordinary times . . .

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