Updated club-spares info from Derek, our spares secretary.

THIS IS A MEMBERS "ONLY" SERVICE. Here on the Public side to entice current and future A40 owners to join our club.
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Updated club-spares info from Derek, our spares secretary.

Post by Dave the rave » 30 Nov 2019 16:25

The club spares project has now been running for eight years and has proved to be very popular with our members. Over the years, and with their enthusiastic support, we have now sourced and manufactured an extensive amount of stock. We are now probably the largest supplier of A40 Farina parts ( in the world !! ) and, with virtually no overheads, are usually the least expensive. We also supply reconditioned parts ( on an exchange basis ) and are constantly researching additional spares re-manufacturing projects. We send to both the UK and overseas destinations almost daily.

Although we only sell to members the club’s low club annual subscriptions makes joining a worthwhile investment. It is no coincidence that club membership has increased steadily during recent years. Parts and initial joining fees can be paid for by credit/debit card.
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For more detailed info go here :-

If in doubt.........more beer :D

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