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Farina News

Club members have always regarded Farina News as the main link between them all, wherever they may live, and they contribute their letters, photographs and occasional articles for publication.

Although time may well prove that the internet will supersede some traditionally published material, the magazine remains the focal point for the members for the foreseeable long-term future. As we know to our cost, websites can be lost to hackers, but the printed word has a very long shelf life.

Farina News is printed in A5 format with 40 - 50 pages in full colour, and appears four times a year in March, June, September and December.

The closing date for correspondents to contribute to the issue following is the 20th of the month after the last publication; ie April, July, October and January. Items can be sent via e-mail to fneditor@a40farinaclub.co.uk or by post to:

The Editor, Keith Bennett
36 Wood End


Reports from Club meetings and the AGM form an important element of the magazine. Keith's editorial attempts to bring together the activities and excitements of the previous three months, and is usually a mixture of news, opinions, threats and naughtiness, while Derek (Club spares) and Mike (technical advice) continually update their information.

Owners letters range from desperate tales of scrapyard hunting to days out at the seaside, from advice on how to seal weeping petrol tanks to where to squirt the Waxoyl (!); from invitations to a get-together somewhere, to who to phone for cheap insurance.

Saloon car racing/rallying is pursued by several Club members, and they usually acquit themselves honourably, as their letters via Trevor Parfitt often tell.

 The magazine is exclusively for Club members, and they have free access to download all, ( or any ), of the archive copies of Farina News dating back to the Club's foundation over 40 years ago. They are available as scanned Adobe portable document format, ( PDF ), and the latest magazine is added as time goes on. 



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